United in gospel partnership

Council of Elders, Senior Pastoral Team and Management & Finance Committee


2022 has really passed by very quickly! Seems like just yesterday that omicron was the bane of our lives and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. However, here we are, almost halfway through the year: life has for all intents and purposes resumed back to pre-covid rhythms. And so, I finally feel like I have some breathing space to reflect on the past 2 years.

It’s been a difficult 2 years and at many times, I felt like I was just in survival mode: coping with all the changes in ministry, worrying about whether people were coping ok spiritually, feeling the weight of being the senior pastor, always feeling like I was just one event away from burnout.

In the midst of these difficulties, one of the great joys that has kept me going is the camaraderie of my fellow leaders in Bukit Arang. These are my fellow elders, my fellow pastors and fellow members of the Management & Finance Committee (MFC). I’m so grateful to God for this bunch of men and women who love Jesus and give so much of their time and energy, often unseen, to loving and serving Jesus’ people here at BA. It’s been wonderful for me to be part of this team that is united in gospel partnership and to see how God has given each of us different strengths that complement each other.

As a leadership team, we are also very grateful to be serving you and alongside you in Bukit Arang. We’ve been very heartened to see many of you persevering in ministry through the pandemic and caring for us leaders as well. Thank you!

Would you pray for the leadership team this week? Pray that we’ll be people who love Jesus and his people. Pray that we’ll have wisdom to guide BA in this exciting phase of church growth. Pray that God’s power will be made perfect in our many weaknesses.

Love in Christ from your brother in Christ,

Ivan Chow

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