Exploring Christianity

Just Looking

Investigate the claims of Christianity

Just Looking is a series where we explore the claims of Christianity. Our aim is to help you investigate Christianity in a casual and accessible way. This is suitable for anyone - whether they are already familiar with Christian things, or simply like to find out about Jesus.

Just Looking will take you through several important questions. Is the Bible reliable? How do you enter the Kingdom of God?Who is Jesus? Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Session 1: Can I trust the gospels?
21 August, 4pm

You might have heard about the gospels. You may have even read them. Have you ever wondered if the gospels can be trusted?
How reliable is it? In this session, we will investigate the historical reliability of the gospels. 

Session 2: How do I get to Heaven?
28 August, 4pm

Heaven, a place where “good people” dwell. But, who gets to enter heaven? Many of us might have our own ideas of how to get to heaven. In this session, we will see what the bible has to say about this place and how to get there.

Session 3: Who is Jesus?
4 September, 4pm

Jesus is an iconic figure in Christianity. Some say he is a healer, a moral teacher. But some call him a lunatic and a con man! Why does it even matter to know who He is? In this session, we will explore from the bible to see who Jesus truly is.  

Session 4: Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
11 September, 4pm

Every Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Christians commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Have you ever wondered what are the evidences to this claim? In this session, we will explore what the bible has to say about Jesus who died and came back to life and why it matters to you today. 

For more information, do contact Pastor Randy Yeo at randyyeo@bcba.com.sg