Be Equipped

Speaking God’s Word to others

Training Christians to speak God's Word to others

At Bukit Arang, we’re committed to equipping our members to speak God’s Word about King Jesus to everyone, Christian and non-Christian. We do this because we believe it is only through this speaking work, that the gathering of Jesus’ people can grow (both in number and in maturity).

Equip Month

Training for every Christian. 

Every year in March, Bukit Arang conducts training to equip Christians to speak God’s Word about Jesus to everyone. Instead of small group bible studies with their regular small group, every Bukit Arang member signs up for one of the training modules offered. These are essential skills we believe should be in the ministry tool-kit of every Christian.

Why? Because every Christian prayerfully speaking God’s Word to others is God’s way of moving people to King Jesus.

Ministry Apprentice Scheme (MAS)

For those considering going into full time paid ministry, BA offers a 2 year, full time apprenticeship in Christian ministry.

This programme is designed to provide practical ministry experience, formal training and input, and personal mentoring to grow the apprentice in Christ-like character and godliness.

This apprenticeship enables us to assess the apprentice’s suitability for full time paid ministry, and help them decide on next steps such as returning to work or proceeding to Bible College for further training.

Looking into paid Full-Time Ministry! (LIFT)

LIFT stands for Looking Into Full-Time ministry!

Maybe you’re someone who is interested in full time ministry in the future, but you’re not yet ready to be part of Bukit Arang’s Ministry Apprentice Scheme (“MAS”). If that is you, our new Equip course will help you take the first steps in investigating a possible future in full time paid ministry.

This would be a great course especially for those who might consider doing MAS in the future, but it’s open to everyone.

This course has 8 sessions, spread across 2 years, so we’ll meet once a quarter. And the course is divided up into 2 yearly cycles of 4 sessions each. So once you’ve completed the first 4 foundational sessions over the first year, you get to step up to the 4 more advanced sessions in your second year of the course.

Equip Pastor Tom Conyers and Senior Pastor Ivan Chow will be hosting these quarterly evening sessions. So if you have even the slightest inkling that full time ministry could be for you, we’d love to see you there.

To benefit from the full range of content offered in the LIFT sessions, we encourage you to commit to attending all 8 sessions. 

Tom Conyers