Be Equipped

Training Christians to speak God's Word to others

At Bukit Arang, we’re committed to equipping our members to speak God’s Word about King Jesus to everyone, Christian and non-Christian. We do this because we believe it is only through this speaking work, that the gathering of Jesus’ people can grow (both in number and in maturity).

Equip Month

Training for every Christian. 

Every year in March, Bukit Arang conducts training to equip Christians to speak God’s Word about Jesus to everyone. Instead of small group bible studies with their regular small group, every Bukit Arang member signs up for one of the training modules offered. These are essential skills we believe should be in the ministry tool-kit of every Christian.

Why? Because every Christian prayerfully speaking God’s Word to others is God’s way of moving people to King Jesus.

Equip Electives

Specialised Training

These are modules that will be offered at different points of the year. Some will be open to all. Some are only for people who will be serving in those areas.

    1. Ministry Training Course – a 1 year course for people serving in bible teaching ministries
    2. Preaching Group
    3. How to lead a Sunday Gathering
    4. How to read the bible publicly
    5. How to pray corporate prayers
    6. The why and how of welcoming
    7. The role of singing in the life of the church
    8. Pre-marital course
    9. Marriage enrichment
    10. Pastoral care
    11. How to lead ‘Just for Starters’
    12. How to do family devotions

For more information, contact Senior Pastor Ivan Chow at