Young Adults & Adults Fellowship

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Small Groups

Are you just exploring Christianity? Have you been a Christian for years? Regardless, we would love for you to join our small groups as we gather to study the bible, share life and pray for one another.

Every week, there are a wide range of groups meeting around Singapore that caters to people from 20-65! Small groups is a great way to connect and meet with others to read the bible and share life. 

Saturday Night Life

Saturday Night Life (SNL) is a gathering of young adults (NS/University/Young working adults) who are in their 20s or 30s. This community gathers every Saturday night at 6.30pm.  

Community Care Groups

Community Care Groups (CCG) is a gathering of adults above 30 years old who gather in homes every fortnight on Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

Within this community, there is also a group called ‘Stirrers’ that gathers every Friday in Church at 7.30pm. 

Dav Avlia