About our beginnings


The vision of our pioneers

1975 – 2006

Going back as far as 1968, our parent church, Bethesda Gospel Hall situated in Bras Basah road, desired to bring the gospel to a new region in Singapore. Back then, the Serangoon area was all ‘kampung’. Through the generosity of a member who bequeathed 2 acres of land, we built our present church along a lane called Bukit Arang. This is also why we called our church – Bethesda Church Bukit Arang.

Our pioneers were active in evangelism and youth work. They gave tuition to the neighbourhood children, organised games and gave out gospel tracts to those living in Serangoon. By 1977, we had a congregation of 80 members who gathered weekly and it was then we appointed three elders to oversee our people.

In the 1990s, our congregation continued to grow and we appointed even more elders. Being true to our pioneering spirit, we made more deliberate decisions to advance the gospel in our neighbourhood. In faith, we started a second English service and launched our community adoption programme in Serangoon to reach out to more people. With the extension of our church building – the present N building – we were able to set up a student care centre and kindergarten. Beyond Singapore, our members also pioneered a new mission work in China.

With much more gospel work to be done, we were compelled to appoint full time paid pastors to carry on what our pioneers began. With the forthcoming support from our members, church leaders and elders, William Lee became Bukit Arang’s first Senior Pastor in 2007.

The city on the hill

2007 – 2020

When William Lee became the Senior Pastor in 2007, the church leaders and elders decided to refresh the Church’s vision and mission to cement all the gospel work that was done. Matthew 5:14-16 became the anchor scripture for how the church leadership wanted to transit Bukit Arang into the next phase back then. The vision was to be a City on a hill and the mission would be to “let our light shine in our neighbourhood, all Serangoon and Singapore and to the ends of the earth.” This vision and mission was our focus for 13 years (2007-2020). Through the years, it has enabled us to be highly intentional in our evangelistic efforts to make Christ known to all.

Under God’s hand, we have witnessed the steady growth in numbers to our congregation. In the last decade, we started many evangelistic initiatives to speak the word to non-believers. Life’s Big Questions, the gospel in four meals, Just Looking to name a few. We have also invested our energies in training and equipping our small group leaders to read the bible for themselves. Through them, they too trained their members to do the same. It has been wonderful to witness the transformation of many lives and to see their growing love for Jesus.

While recognising the positive growth, our elders knew that we could not rest on our laurels. Since 2018, the elders have been praying and thinking about what the next lap of Bukit Arang will look like. We asked ourselves what we needed to do to best serve our members and people in Singapore and overseas.
Over many months, the elders evaluated Bukit Arang’s strengths and weaknesses. We asked ourselves what more is needed to enable our Church to flourish in our knowledge of King Jesus.

Together, we resolved that the same pioneering spirit is needed to enable us to keep our momentum of the past 45 years. We know that we have to invest in our next generation of leaders and members. And we will do so in our next lap vision and mission.

Bukit Arang continues to be united in its purpose to advance the gospel and in speaking the word to one another.