New Sermon Series: Jesus’ Last Parting Words

John 13-17 is a profound revelation of Jesus’ journey to the cross — Jesus, knowing His time had come, displayed unwavering love for His disciples until the end (John 13:1). This love, so powerful and sacrificial, propelled Him towards the cross, offering eternal life through His selfless act.

As He prepared to depart, Jesus shared a series of heartfelt farewells, guiding His followers on the path ahead and assuring them of the life that awaited them in their Father’s embrace. His love was also manifested in prayers for their protection and guidance, ensuring their safe journey when He was no longer with them.

In His final moments, Jesus imparted words of assurance, affirmed His identity, promised peace, and gave joy to those who would believe His message. Yet, a choice remained — would Jesus’ listeners cling to His words, embracing the light; or drift into darkness, forsaking Jesus and His love?

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