Training Christians to speak God’s Word to others

Training Christians to speak God’s Word to others 

A pastoral note by Pastor Tom Conyers

Dear BA Family,

I’m so excited for our upcoming Equip month. Last year was the first time our church had ever run Equip month, and it was such a joy to see hundreds of people attending our various elective courses. This coming March we’re doing it all over again, and our course leaders have been hard at work preparing some great quality material for you all.

As I think back over the years that I’ve been following Christ, one thing that stands out for me is how privileged I’ve been to have access to so much excellent training. From the various churches I’ve attended over the years, to my university campus group, to my ministry apprenticeship, to my years at Bible college and beyond, I’ve had so many wonderful people invest their time and efforts into training me. How blessed I’ve been!

Yet for so many Christians around the world, such training is just not available. Many of them share common constraints of being under-resourced and under-trained. Our training material has been carefully written and deliberated and that is something we shouldn’t take for granted!

I’m delighted to see that so many of you have signed up to take advantage of Equip month. What a joy to see the enthusiasm of so many people to get trained. We have a mission to accomplish, prayerfully speaking God’s words to all people, so that they might be moved closer to King Jesus. If we’re going to accomplish this mission, we’ll need an army of church members trained and ready to serve. What a joy to see this taking place this March!

I want to express my thanks to all the leaders of each of the eight courses. They’ve been working hard to prepare their material, out of a sincere love for you all, and with an eagerness to serve you in this way.

Your Brother,

Tom Conyers

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