Sunday Gatherings Resume from 17 January!

Hey BA Family,

We will resume 2 services (8.30am and 10.45am) and BANG (10.45am) from 17 January! Instead of a 4 week small group roster, small groups can now return to church every alternate week. Here’s some things to note:

a) The 8.30am service will be livestreamed on YouTube and the link made available on-demand after.

b) Ticketing remains so look out for your next rostered slot in the revised graphic and sign up accordingly.

c) We have reserved Zone B for BANG parents at the 10.45am service only. Parents will receive a unique code that lets you sign up accordingly.

d) Creche is provided for the 10.45am service at E4.1 (Zone D). If you wish to be with your child, please register under Zone D and head straight to E4.1. If you wish to drop your child off, please ensure that you register with Zone B.

Parents will receive a unique code that lets you sign up accordingly.

e) Service arrival timings from 17 Jan:
8.30am service:
Zone A & B to arrive at 8am.
Zone C to arrive at 8.15am.

10.45am service:
Zone A & B to arrive at 10.15am
Zone C & E to arrive at 10.30am
Zone D (Creche) to arrive at 10.40am.

e) No parking and no F&B in the premises.

f) Wet wipes will be provided for every member to clean their seats before they leave the hall.

e) Use Trace Together! We will need to perform safe entry using the Trace Together App or the token. Please make sure you download the app/bring your token for check in!

See you at Church!

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