New Sermon Series: Me defined? The Gospel in the Age of Self

‘Be true to yourself’. ‘Follow your heart’. ‘You do you’. These are the mantras of our age, The Age of Self, where self-discovery and self-expression are held out as the way to achieving true happiness. It’s in the songs we listen to, in our daily news feeds, in our classrooms and offices. It’s the cultural air we breathe, the alternative gospel of our time. How then should Christians engage with this ever-prevailing way of seeing the world? And how does the gospel of Jesus Christ measure up against ‘the gospel of self’? Come join us in our upcoming sermon series as we turn to look at what the Bible says, and to consider how the gospel of Jesus offers a better story. 

20 Aug – ‘I am who I say I am’ 

27 Aug – ‘I am who my heart tells me’ 

3 Sep – ‘I am truly happy when I am true to myself’ 

10 Sep – ‘I am HIS’

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