New Streamlined Measures

Dear BA family,

Having lived through 2 years of the pandemic, the recent streamlining of safe measurement measures is truly a moment to give thanks to God for. While not every restriction is lifted, we are moving one step closer to an endemic state. We’re also glad that more of you are joining us on-site, with our highest ever on-site attendance just today. With the measures in effect, here are the changes to our gatherings and church activities:

A. Sunday Gatherings
From 27 March, our Sunday Gatherings will be organised as follows:

      1. Our main gathering hall will no longer require zones.

      2. Seats in the main hall will no longer be required to be in groups of 5 with 1m between them.             Instead, seats will be adjusted back to the pre-covid configuration. This means that we will             be able to operate at a higher seating capacity(450 persons in E2 and E3) across all our                   gatherings.

      3. At the 10.45am gathering, parents with kids under 3 can also opt to be in N4 at our newly                 renovated creche facility where livestream will be provided.

B. Other Church Activities
Here are the updates to church activities from 21 March:

      4. Church activities can now be up to 1000 persons.     

      5. BANewGen classes and other groups meeting in church (e.g., SEED, SNL, Stirrers, CCGs,                  Planters, Jesus Club) will no longer be required to be set up in groups of 5 with 1m between            them.

Even as we are excited about the new changes, let’s continue to pray for the vulnerable in our community. For those who have been unwell or are recovering from COVID, we pray that God will bring about speedy recovery and know that our pastors and elders are praying for you. As always, please feel free to reach out to any of us if you need prayer and support during this time.

Senior Pastor Ivan Chow
On behalf of the Elders and Pastor

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