Let’s Talk About Jesus! A pastoral note by Randy Yeo

Hi buddy, missed you! Long time no see!
Got time to chat and drink coffee?
You’re not quite happy
I hear you buddy
Come let’s talk about Jesus

He comes as truth from God
That speaks to our heartaches
Jesus Christ saves from the pain
That sin leaves in our wake

Hi Aunty, have a happy birthday
It’s quite ok your hair turns gray
Just look around us,
All beauty must dim
Aunty let’s talk about Jesus

He comes as life from God
For a world fading away
Jesus Christ overcame the grave
So death won’t have the final say

Hi Uncle, relax no need to cuss
Take a short break from the fuss
You look quite tired,
life now can be tough
Uncle let’s talk about Jesus

He comes as hope from God
To restore this ruined world
Jesus Christ will come again
Future perfect will then unfurl

Hi Christians, press on when it’s hard
To speak about Jesus, to even start
It’s love and compassion
Good news to be told
Christians let’s talk about Jesus

He comes as power from God
To make the dead alive
Jesus is filling a new creation
There’s only one way to life

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