Book Recommendation

By Kenny Raditia

We have come to the end of our current sermon series, “Walking with God in Hard Times”. Through the series, we are reminded of a Christian’s future hope, God’s past redemption and His present strength to press on amid hard times.


However, the Bible has much more to say about suffering and how we, as Christians, can look to Jesus for strength in times of need. One helpful resource that I’ve personally benefitted from is Paul Grimmond’s ‘Suffering Well: The predictable surprise of Christian suffering’. (See a preview here:

In his book, Paul seeks to address some essential questions on suffering:

  • What modern’s values and ideals shape the way we face suffering?
  • What is our theology of suffering?
  • Does our theology match up with what the Bible has to say about suffering?


This book is a fantastic resource for those who really want to have biblical views on facing suffering, be it general hardship or persecution out of association with Christ.

If you are looking for answers to grief or preparing yourself as all of us are promised this ‘predictable surprise’ to suffer, this book will help us to cling to Christ.

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