25 September 2021 Update

25 September 2021
Dear Bukit Arang brothers and sisters,

In these difficult and uncertain times, many of us feel understandably fatigued and weary. In such times, let’s continue to ask
God for strength to keep on loving Him and to keep on loving and caring for those around us. Let’s also continue praying for
wisdom for our nation’s leaders to guide us through this.
Under the government’s Stabilisation Period from 27 September to 24 October, the following is a list of changes to our
gatherings and church activities:

A. Sunday Gatherings
From 3rd October, our Sunday Gatherings will be organised as follows:
1. Our 8.30am, 10.45am and 2pm gatherings will continue as usual. We will still provide complimentary Pre-Event Testing
(PET) on-site for unvaccinated persons.
2. The hall will be arranged into paired seating.
3. Although our song leaders and musicians can sing and play live, congregational singing is still not allowed at this point.
4. BANG Station will be conducted online from 3rd October to 24 October.
5. Creche will still be available at our 8.30am, 10.45am and 2pm gatherings.
6. All church attendees must continue to use EventBrite to book tickets before returning to church.

B. Other Church Activities
Here are the changes to church activities:
1. Small groups (SNL, Stirrers, CCGs, Planters, Jesus Club) will meet online from 27th September. The pastors in charge of
these ministries will update their members on the arrangements.
2. SEED will shift online from 3rd October to 24th October.
3. Just For Newcomers will be a hybrid event (on-site and online) from 26th September to 24th October.
4. Just for Starters and the Pre-marital Course will continue as planned on-site events in paired seating.

The pastors and leaders in charge will update their members/participants should there be any changes to these arrangements.
Our pastors and elders are praying for you. Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you need prayer and support.

Senior Pastor Ivan Chow
On behalf of the Elders and Pastors

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