Just For Newcomers

Membership in a local church matters because members are essentially partners working together to move each other and others to King Jesus through the prayerful speaking of God’s Word. 

Just for Newcomers is Bukit Arang’s Membership Course

Whilst we welcome all Christians to join us at our gatherings and small groups, Bukit Arang members are given the unique opportunity to serve in the different ministries in Bukit Arang and also to vote at our Annual General Meetings.

Three groups of people should come for our membership course:

A. You’ve been attending Bukit Arang for a while but have yet to join the membership course.

B. You’re new to Bukit Arang and have decided to settle here and serve the gospel here.

C. You’re new to Bukit Arang and want to find out more about our church! 

Just for Newcomers runs over 4 Sunday afternoons (1.30-4.40pm). We ask that everyone who registers to attend is able to commit to all 4 sessions. What we’ll run through:

  • History of Bukit Arang
  • Our Vision, Mission and Method
  • Our core theological convictions
  • The Ministry of Pew
  • Basic Bible Handling
  • Next Steps: Ways to Serve


At the end of the course, attendees will be given the opportunity to officially join as members of Bukit Arang. If you would like to join, please sign up in the form below. 

Ivan Chow

Senior Pastor


From 24 April, we will no longer have any online live-streams for our English and Mandarin Gatherings.

Join our in-person gatherings by booking tickets via our Eventbrite link every Monday at 7pm!

从 4 月 24 日起,武吉亚兰的华文聚会将不再上载线上的直播。我们鼓励目前透过线上来参加主日聚会的人,来参加我们的实体聚会!您可以透过 Eventbrite 链接预订参加实体聚会的门票!