How to answer common questions about Christianity

Course Trainers: Sim Wei-Loong, Jordan Lim and Aaron Wong

“There’s no question about Christianity that hasn’t been answered before a thousand times.”

So why does it feel like you’re always being asked the one you can’t answer? In 1 Peter 3:15, we’re told to be ever prepared to give a defence of the hope which we have, with gentleness and respect. What does that look like in a contemporary world, where the questions come hard and fast, rebuttals to Christianity are just a Google search away, and Jesus’ teachings increasingly push against the grain of society?

This course has 3 areas of focus. First, we want to know why we should even bother. Are there any biblical reasons for seeking excellence in this area? Second, we want to be acquainted with today’s commonly asked questions (including their permutations) and know how to give simple but biblically faithful responses to these questions. Third, we want to develop skills so we can handle all kinds of questions in a more reasonable and faithful manner.

This course is targeted not so much at the aspiring professional apologist but the ordinary Christian having simple day-to-day conversations with their family and friends.