Equip Month

Training for Every Christian.

March is for Equipping!

Every year in March, Bukit Arang conducts training to equip Christians to speak God’s Word about Jesus to everyone. Instead of small group bible studies with their regular small group, every Bukit Arang member signs up for one of the training modules offered. These are essential skills we believe should be in the ministry tool-kit of every Christian.

Equip Electives

Offered Modules

Every year, our small groups can choose to attend one out of the 8 electives to pick up essential skills. 

  1. Gospel Conversations
  2. Reading 1 to 1 with a Christian
  3. Ministry of the Pew
  4. Apologetics
  5. Reading Mark 1 to 1 evangelistically
  6. Telling Your Story
  7. Gospel Presentation: 2 Ways to Live
  8. Basic Bible Handling


Watch this space as registration for 2022 Equip Month will open soon! 

Tom Conyers