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Equip Month

5 March, 2021 @ 7:30 pm - 19 March, 2021 @ 9:30 pm

Equip Month Courses are for Bukit Arang members or people considering making Bukit Arang their home church.

Course dates: 5, 12, 19 March (Friday). Each course runs over these 3 Fridays.

Course time: 7.30-9pm

Course venue: Zoom (The Zoom link will be sent to registered participants)

Registration period (on a first come first served basis): 17 Feb 9am – 1 Mar 5pm


There are 6 courses available:

1. How to have gospel conversations with people new to Christianity
Course Trainers: Randy Yeo and Timothy Lee

We are all too familiar with missed opportunities for gospel conversations. Some struggle with what to say. How do we summarise the good and grand news of Jesus Christ? What if we accidentally say the wrong things? Where do we even start? Others are stuck because a helpful inroad with one person may not be so for another. What are some ways to better know and show concern for others when many live their lives behind their devices? How can we start gospel conversations with friends who are all concerned about different things? If you are tongue-tied like many of us, join us this Equip Month. We will consider the gospel together, hear our friends’ areas of concern and learn some approaches to gospel conversation. May God grow in us a love for others who need Jesus’ good news: a love that will fuel our gospel conversations.

Registration is closed.


2. How to tell your story
Course Trainers: Michael Yeong and Li Xinyi

When it comes to evangelism, it isn’t instinctive and often outside our comfort zone. We fear rejection. It can cause us to squirm in our seat. We aren’t very sure where to start. One effective tool you have for evangelising is to tell your own story. It would be telling a story you would know well, and friends probably wouldn’t mind listening to a story about you. Join us for March Equip Month to find out how you can use your story as an evangelism tool, the importance of sharing our testimony, and learn skills to share our story.

Registration is closed.


3. How to read Mark’s gospel with someone new to Christianity
Course Trainer: Daniel Tan

I want you to take a moment to think of some of your non-Christian friends and family. You care for them. You know they need to hear about Jesus. But how many of them have agreed to come to church to hear a bible talk? How many of them would be willing to join you for an evening of bible study with your small group? If your friends and family are anything like mine, perhaps the answer to those questions might be – not many.
Well, what if I told you that there’s a way for you to be sharing the life-giving message of Jesus to these non-Christian friends and family of yours, and in a way that’s accessible, relaxed and personal? Introducing… one-to-one bible reading!

In this course, we’ll be thinking about how we can be reading Mark’s gospel, one-to-one with our non-Christian friends and family. This course will include a practical guide to one-to-one bible reading along with a series of short studies written to help take non-Christians through Mark’s gospel. So do join us as we consider how we can be bringing this life-giving message to our friends and family!

Registration is closed.


4. How to answer common questions about Christianity
Course Trainers: Sim Wei-Loong, Jordan Lim and Aaron Wong

“There’s no question about Christianity that hasn’t been answered before a thousand times.”

So why does it feel like you’re always being asked the one you can’t answer? In 1 Peter 3:15, we’re told to be ever prepared to give a defence of the hope which we have, with gentleness and respect. What does that look like in a contemporary world, where the questions come hard and fast, rebuttals to Christianity are just a Google search away, and Jesus’ teachings increasingly push against the grain of society?

This course has 3 areas of focus. First, we want to know why we should even bother. Are there any biblical reasons for seeking excellence in this area? Second, we want to be acquainted with today’s commonly asked questions (including their permutations) and know how to give simple but biblically faithful responses to these questions. Third, we want to develop skills so we can handle all kinds of questions in a more reasonable and faithful manner.

This course is targeted not so much at the aspiring professional apologist but the ordinary Christian having simple day-to-day conversations with their family and friends.

Registration is closed.


5. The Ministry of the Pew
Course Trainers: Kenny Raditia and Li Yingyi

What would you say when someone asks you why you attend church? A variety of reasons may come to mind. Could it be because it’s God’s house where Christians meet him? Is it where you find like minded people who are also kind and forgiving? Is it for great music or is it what makes you more Christian? Or do you find yourself drawing blanks since it has become a habit to attend church and nothing more. Over the course of the 3 sessions together, we’ll discover that it’s an active outward-looking role we play as God’s people, to love, serve and build each other up, when we meet. We all have a ministry- the ministry of the pew (although we sit on chairs)!

Note: The Ministry of the Pew will be covered during our Just for Newcomers starting 11 April. So if you’re a newcomer who will join us for Just for Newcomers, do choose another course for Equip Month!

Registration is closed.


6. How to read the bible one to one with a Christian
Course Trainers: Jonathan Boon and Eunice Ong

“Reading the Bible is a personal affair between God and me. I don’t need to read it with someone else!”

“I’m already attending so many Bible studies and Bible talks. Do I really need another Bible download?”

“I’ve no real expertise in reading the Bible. I don’t even know whether I’m reading it well on my own. How can I read it with someone else?”

If you read the course title and the above questions (or similar questions) pop into your mind, we want you to attend this course! Come find out why you should read the Bible with a Christian and how to do it!

Registration is closed.



1. What if I can’t make it for all 3 Fridays/some Fridays?

Equipping ourselves to speak God’s Word is the way God’s masterplan of building his church is accomplished. Equip Month is a big part of that equipping effort. As Equip Month happens only for 3 Fridays (5, 12 and 19 March) in the year, we hope that Bukit Arang members will make a special effort to come for all 3 Fridays. However, we recognise that there are good reasons why you might not be able to come for some or all of the Fridays. If that is the case, we ask that you still register for the course you’re interested in. For the Fridays that you can’t make the Zoom meeting, we will make arrangements for you to be able to access the zoom recording so that you can be in sync with the rest of your course mates.

2. Can I be given access to the material for courses that I have not registered for?

The Equip Month will be a regular feature of our Bukit Arang calendar for the next few years. These 6 courses will be repeated each year with new courses added along the way. So, we trust that over a period of a few years, our Bukit Arang members will all be equipped with all these skills to speak God’s Word to Christians and to people new to Christianity.



5 March, 2021 @ 7:30 pm
19 March, 2021 @ 9:30 pm
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